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Lindsay McConville Photography
Award-Winning South-East & International Photographer

My goal?    For you to be living your best life, feeling like the lovechild of Bella Hadid and Tyson Beckford, forgetting you're even in front of a camera.

Why?    Because you deserve it.
Because you've spent far too long planning this day, to not feel your best and get photos you adore.
Because someone is so obsessed with you, they're dedicating the rest of their life to you, so let's celebrate and capture that passion!

When you're looking for a photographer, there are so many options out there, it's really not just about beautiful photographs anymore; you have to find the best person for you personally. At the end of the day, the awards I've won and the venues I've shot at mean absolutely nothing; what matters is your experience with me. Not only your experience as a client through the booking process to photo delivery, knowing you're supported if you have any questions or problems, but also how well I fit in with your family and friendship groups.

There's no other situation where a stranger will join you and your closest friends and family in as intimate of a setting as getting your hair and makeup done and changing clothing, then be part of you and your new spouse's first kiss, watch you dance, 

No other vendor will spend as much time with you on your wedding day, so it's important we get on well and will have fun together.


I absolutely love my job and always have fun with it. I'll uplift your bridesmaids, joke with your groomsmen, chat with your guests and you'll know if my favourite songs come on, because I'll be straight on the dance floor! I may even help Uncle Pete figure out his new camera and fix a bridesmaid hair do or two. I'm all about making things as simple as possible for you at all stages of the process, from our first contact, to booking me for your tenth anniversary party, so you can relax and enjoy having your photographs taken, without any stress. 

Take a look around and when you're ready, or if you'd rather just talk to me straight away, simply click any of the Get In Touch buttons throughout this website and let's talk about you! If you're still not quite sure what you need or want after looking around, that's ok, I can help you through.

I can't wait to get to know you!

About Me

A Little About Me...

I'm Lindsay and I own Lindsay McConville Photography, a Hampshire-based Photography company for all of you positive, open and passionate people in love with your families,

your brands and each other.

I love getting to know you and your story. Whether it's the story of your relationship

or family, or your journey in setting up your business and establishing brand values, I love hearing about you and what makes you smile.

Photography is my passion. I was always the kid taking photos of everything (one of the last generations of kids using film cameras!) and not much has changed! After 10 years in this business, I'll still walk for miles and wait for hours in the freezing cold, just to get the perfect shot. It's what makes me happiest and I love when my photographs and excitement make others happy, too.

I'm a lover of sustainable living alternatives and do my best to live as eco-consciously as I can. After 18 years as a vegetarian, I made the switch to veganism in 2019. I'm still trying to remove as much plastic from my life as possible - I finally switched to a safety razor a few months ago, so you can pretty much expect me to have little cuts on my ankles at all times!

My tastes tend to change, but some things that will never change are my loves for animals, the colour mint, finding the prettiest views, white and gold home decor and, like all of us, spending time with my nearest and dearest!

I'm also a big lover of travel and can't wait for our lockdowns and restrictions to end, so I can get back to exploring and adventuring!

First stop...   Sicily!




Purely and simply, I've always wanted to leave the world a little better than I entered it. Whether that's making you love yourself again, giving you photographs of your wedding that will make you smile for years to come, or offering a helping hand on your small business journey, my aim is always to bring a little happiness with me and create something you'll adore. From supporting you throughout our work together, to fundraising for deserving charities, hopefully together we can spread a little happiness.

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Company Mission
Photography Services

Photography Services


From fun, natural photo sessions, to candid, non-intrusive photography of your family events, together we'll capture photographs you'll treasure for generations.

Lifestyle, Portraiture

& Family Events

Specialising in natural, candid photography, together we'll tell your story through beautiful and genuine photographs of your most romantic and intimate moments.

Weddings, Engagements
& Proposals


From portraits that show your potential customers the real you, to product shots that showcase the best of what you have to offer, we'll level up your brand together.

Personal Brand, Product

& Service Businesses



Lindsay is fun and professional to work with. She is very adaptable and fantastically creative with her approach.


I would highly recommend working with her for any event or photo shoot you have because the results will be beautiful, just as my photos are!



Get In Touch

|   +447753909275  

If you've made it here, you've hopefully read a little about me and what I do and I'm so glad you want to know more! I'm excited for you to start this journey with me and I can't wait to get to know you too.


To get started, simply fill in the below form and I'll be in touch. Soon you'll be booked in for some gorgeous photographs of your very own!

Please keep an eye on your emails and if you don't have anything from me within the next 48 working hours, check any Junk or Spam Folders. If you still can't find an email from me, or want to get hold of me sooner, you can reach me within my usual business hours via call, text or message through one of my social media platforms.

I can't wait to chat with you!

Get In Touch
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