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Award-Winning South-East & International Photographer

Hi lovely! Thanks so much for visiting, I'm so excited you're here!

As a photographer, I'm all about making things as simple as possible for you, so you can relax and enjoy having your photographs taken, without any stress. I've designed this website in the same way I run my business, so I hope you'll find it easy to navigate and find everything you're looking for, by clicking the links above or just scrolling down.

Take a look around and when you're ready, or if you'd rather just talk to me straight away, simply click any of the Get In Touch buttons throughout this website and let's talk about you! If you're still not quite sure what you need or want after looking around, that's ok, I can help you through.

I can't wait to get to know you!


A Little About Me...

I'm Lindsay and I own Lindsay McConville Photography, a Hampshire-based Photography company for all of you positive, open and passionate people in love with your families,

your brands and each other.

I love getting to know you and your story. Whether it's the story of your relationship

or family, or your journey in setting up your business and establishing brand values, I love hearing about you and what makes you smile.

Photography is my passion. I was always the kid taking photos of everything (with my 35mm film camera!) and not much has changed! After 10 years in this business, I'll still walk for miles and wait for hours in the freezing cold, just to get the perfect shot. It's what makes me happiest and I love when my photographs and excitement make others happy, too.

I'm a lover of sustainable living alternatives and do my best to live as eco-consciously as I can. After 18 years as a vegetarian, I made the switch to veganism in 2019. I'm still trying to remove as much plastic from my life as possible - I finally switched to a safety razor a few months ago, so you can pretty much expect me to have little cuts on my ankles at all times!

My tastes tend to change, but some things that will never change are my loves for animals, the colour mint, finding the prettiest views, white and gold home decor and, like all of us, spending time with my nearest and dearest!

I'm also a big lover of travel and can't wait for our lockdowns and restrictions to end, so I can get back to exploring and adventuring!

First stop...   Sicily!




Purely and simply, I've always wanted to leave the world a little better than I entered it. Whether that's making you love your body again, giving you photographs of your wedding that will make you smile for years to come, or offering a helping hand so your small business reaches its potential, my aim is always to bring a little happiness with me and create something you'll adore. From supporting you throughout our work together, to fundraising for deserving charities, hopefully together we can spread a little happiness. 

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