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Fill your Family Album with Unique, Natural, Honest Photographs

&  fully enjoy and experience every minute of it!

So now we finally have a guide for when we can all see each other again, I'll bet you're already planning get-togethers, reunions, parties and events, am I right? I know I've planned 100 events in my mind already!


 If you're anything like me, this past year has reminded you just how important your loved ones are to you. You can't wait to spend real time with them again and want to be able to put your phone away and be present for all of it! After a year of 'On This Day' memory notifications on facebook giving you something to smile about, you'll also want to have gorgeous photos to commemorate the occasion and make you smile next year and for years to come. If this sounds like you, you're in the right place! I understand how important your experiences and memories are to you and I'm here to make sure you can fully enjoy them. Put your phone down, catch up, laugh with and hug your favourites, knowing you'll have beautiful photographs with them, without having to even think about it. 


Below you'll find more information on my lifestyle sessions and event photography, which cover everything from your maternity photographs, your baby shower and baby's christening, to your holiday photos, individual empowerment sessions and family reunion shoots. If you're looking for photography for your business, or are tying the knot, please head over to my Brand & Product and Weddings & Engagements pages for more information. If you're not quite sure what you need or want from your photography, that's ok, I can guide you through and offer advice tailored to you and your vision just get in touch to start.

I can't wait to hear all about you and help you make the most of all of your important moments!


Your Lifestyle Session


Lifestyle Sessions are portraiture sessions with a difference. They're all about bringing your personality into your photographs and capturing real, honest moments. 

Whether your photographs will be of you on your own, or with loved ones, your Lifestyle Session will be completely unique to you. You won't see my other clients in the same setups and poses, it's all about you and what you love...

If you're a surfer, let's get some photos down at the beach with your board; if you're a homebody, snuggling up on your couch with your little ones, a book and a cup of tea whilst I capture your interactions may be your perfect session; Whatever makes you happy is what we'll capture - if that means jumping in a river, I'm all for it! 

These are also great for children, as they'll be happy enjoying themselves whilst I capture a mix of candid shots and any more fun posed shots you may want.  


Your International Session

If you're a fellow explorer and you've been missing the freedom of travelling this past year, why not book a shoot somewhere different and exotic? From the Parisian Streets, to the beaches in Bali, there's a whole world of possibilities outside of the UK.

I would love to hear all about the exciting places you'll be visiting after lockdown and capture gorgeous photographs of your memories! For your best ever holiday snaps, get in touch now via the button below.


Your Event

Whether it's your birthday, prom or graduation, christening or baby shower, you want to relax and enjoy your party, but still know you'll have gorgeous photographs of you and everyone else having an amazing time. After not being able to spend time with our loved ones for over a year now, I know I want to live in the moment and enjoy every second spent celebrating any occasion with the people I love.

I've always loved photographing events, because it means you can enjoy every minute, every laugh, every hug and every cheers, without ever having to think

'We need to get a photo of this!'

It's so easy to get caught up in taking photos and videos, rather than being in the moment, enjoying the time with each other and really experiencing it. Now, more than ever, I want to encourage you to be present, put your phone down and just have an amazing time with the people you love.


When I'm at your event, I'm there to capture all of the little and large moments that you wish could last forever, so you can always look back and relive that happiness. Looking back at old photos and reminiscing about all the fun times has definitely kept me sane and given me some much-needed laughs and smiles through lockdown! That's what I want my photographs to do for you and the people you care about.

Your event doesn't have to be a grand celebration to be special and important. You may just be going for a meal with friends or family you haven't seen for a year - you can hire me to capture your reunion and all of the lovely moments you've waited a year to share with them.

I specialise in candid photography, capturing authentic photographs of real moments, but with years of experience in wedding and nightlife photography, I can also capture any posed shots you or your guests may want on the day. Just get in touch as soon as possible to discuss your event.

If your event is a wedding, or wedding-related (i.e. an engagement party or hen weekend), congratulations! You can find more useful information over on my Weddings page.

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