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If you're here, thank you so much!!

We're frantically looking for Roger and you've found him! There's a little bit of info below on how to keep him happy until he's back with us, or to jump straight to our contact details, click here.

Roger is a very nervous pup and is no doubt frightened and confused right now. Please keep him safe and stay with him, he will be very scared if left alone. If he barks or growls at you, please understand he's just afraid. 

If he needs something (water/food/bathroom), he'll sit silently staring at you until you notice him. When you do notice him and try to take him outside, he may run away and roll onto his back when you get near to him - this means "Please pick me up and take me outside, I need to do my business, but I'm scared to go outside alone". If he's acting strangely; pestering, pawing or jumping up at you when you're trying to chill on the sofa, he's probably desperate - He procrastinates and leaves things until the last minute, particularly if he's heard some funny noises and is feeling extra scared of the dark.

Roger is a fussy pup, with a stomach as sensitive as he is, so please avoid feeding him anything with gluten (such as doggy biscuits), bones or fish. His favourite is scrambled egg, this will keep him quiet for a few minutes while you make it, then approximately 0.67 seconds while he eats it.

He's a complicated little pup who needs a lot of love, care, attention and calm reassurance. Hopefully he will be home before you need to worry about any of that, though!

Here are all of our contact details, as well as a cute video of Roger:

07753 909 275    |    0752 516 1791    |    0795 667 3951

Contact Details

If you've fallen in love with Roger already, we understand, but please help him come home, he's our world. 

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