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Wild Floral Events - Faux & Alternative Wedding Floral Designs

Updated: May 5, 2020

I chose Wild Floral Events to be included in this event, as Owner and Head Designer Louise creates beautiful Floral Arrangements and Bouquets, with top-quality faux flowers. She also creates incredible alternative Bouquets - check out her website to see these!

Louise can design, create and deliver gorgeously arranged flowers, that look as good as the real thing, but with no risk of wilting!

The wonderful Louise has written the following piece, showing you just why you should choose her to design your Bouquets, Floral Crowns and more on your special day - Thank you Louise! xo

If you'd like to talk to Louise, I've included her contact details at the end of this piece, or you can leave a comment underneath this post and I'll pass her your email address! 🤍

Wild Floral Events - Faux & Artificial Floral Design Specialist

I have noticed a change recently within faux and artificial flowers and foliage, the realism, quality and colour palettes from our leading suppliers are exquisite and from someone who is a qualified florist with many years experience within the fresh flower industry, I can honestly say sometimes I can not tell the difference!

There are so many benefits with choosing faux and artificial florals for your wedding day. Usually they are less expensive when compared to fresh flowers, better colour matches can be achieved and you can have different flower varieties in any season.

They're also perfect if you have allergies or for destination weddings, as they are easy to transport and will not wilt - and of course, best of all, you can cherish your flowers forever. Our designs are available to purchase from our Etsy Shop, UK and international postage is available for keepsake orders.

Thank you to Louise at Wild Floral Events, for getting involved in this Event! xo

I've included Wild Floral Events' contact details and important links below, please take a look and get in touch - And don't forget to leave Louise some love on this post!

Take care and stay safe everyone 🤍

Lindsay xo

Contact Details:

Phone: 07933 758 104

Instagram: (@wildfloraleventsdevon)

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