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This page has nothing to do with wedding photography, but maybe you've been looking at wedding photographs for a while and need a little break to refresh your mind and relax, or you're back here again just to look at cute photos of Roger, I won't judge!

This page contains zero of my professional photos, just poor quality phone photos taken by me and others, so please don't judge how your wedding photos will look based on these videos!

Here are just some terrible selfies for you to laugh at, really.

Because sometimes wedding planning can be overwhelming and you need a break, or just for no reason at all - it's always good to laugh!

PS - Is a bad hair year a thing?
I might have overcompensated for the lack of lockdown cuts...

Prefer cute dog photos? Keep scrolling, or click here to get in touch and get your own beautiful photos (not bad phone selfies, I promise!)...

If cuteness calms you as much as it does me, watch this video to feel completely zen. 

Roger the Rescue pup is available to attend meetings and zoom calls upon request.

Fun Fact - the cover for this video is the first photo I ever saw of Roger. If you've fallen in love already, don't worry, I did too.

Click here to see photos of happy, excited and relaxed couples, just like you...


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