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Enchanting Weddings - Wedding Planning & Co-ordination

Updated: May 5, 2020

I chose Enchanting Weddings to be included in this event, as they're new in town and I wanted to be the first place to show them off! Owner Giada is passionate about Weddings and it shows in the beautiful Weddings she's already planned.

The wonderful Giada offers a few different services, which she's detailed below for you, as well as answering your questions, showing you just why you should choose Enchanting Weddings to make your special day everything you're dreaming of and more - Thank you Giada! xo

You can also see a video below, with Giada's Top Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Suppliers, as well as a beautiful Wedding she co-ordinated.

If you'd like to talk to Giada, I've included her contact details at the end of this post, or you can leave a comment underneath this post and I'll pass her your email address! 🤍

Enchanting Weddings

Magical Wedding Planning

Enchanting Wedding and Events has been created to help brides to feel confident during the planning process and on their Big Day provide ad hoc service, to ease their doubt and make them feel in control of their wedding planning process.

I offer three distinct bespoke services:

Supplier Sourcing

This service aims to find the perfect vendors team to fit my costumers needs and perform at their Wedding Day. It is structured in three phases: 1. Concept: I am going to work with the client on their requirements to understand their vison and embrace it. 2. Research: With the information collected I am going to find the perfect suppliers team to perform at your wedding within your budget and your vision in mind 3. Your Dream Team: Ultimately, I will present to the client the final list of suppliers with the price agreed previously for the service asked.

Venue Sourcing

This service aims to find the perfect venue team to fit my costumers needs. It is structured in three phases:

1. Concept: I am going to work with the client on their requirements to understand their vison and embrace it. 2. Research: With the information collected I am going to find the perfect wedding venue. I will then conduct the site visit of a restricted list of venues for them to choose from. 3. Your Dream Venue: Ultimately, my client will make the final choice on which venue is the one and will be put in contact with the Venue Coordinator that will lease with the client during the planning process

Wedding Day Coordination

This service aims to assist my client during the wedding day operation managing all the aspects of the wedding itself. It is structured in three phases: 1. Concept: I am going to work with the client to understand their wedding concept, day details, time schedule and services that will be provided by their contracted wedding suppliers. 2. Day Schedule: Create first draft of the Wedding Day Schedule including their wedding ceremony schedule, wedding reception schedule and Wedding supplier list

3. Final Touch: I will organize 2x meetings with

the Venue to finalise the Wedding Day Schedule and follow up with the final communication with supplier and bridal party 4. Your Wedding Day: I will be in charge of the below: On site set up and operation supervision • Ceremony coordination & Reception coordination • Supplier team lead & Guest assistance • Emergency kit

Giada's Top 10 Questions to Ask Suppliers:

1.  Are You Available on My Wedding Date? 2. What type of wedding do you specialise in? 3. What it was the last event you have worked for? 4. How long have you been in business?

5. What is your education background?

6. Do you have specific packages and pricing for weddings?

7. If yes, what does the wedding package include?

8. What type of deposit is required and what is the schedule of payments?

9. Do you know the venue in which the wedding will take place?

10. Do you have a minimum budget you work with?


What is your favourite part of what you do?

I love to be able to help Brides get their confidence back and enjoy the planning process.

What makes Enchanting Weddings different to other Wedding Planning Services?

My slogan is "If you can dream it you can plan it" and this says a lot about my way of doing things. My aim is to help brides that are stuck in their Wedding planning process to get back on their feet and be able to overcome the difficulties they found during the planning. They are in control of their planning and I just come in to offer my bespoke services whenever a problem arises. I am the Fairy Godmother for all my Cinderella brides in distress and with a pinch of magic dust I transform your wedding day into a charming experience.

Why did you decide to become a Wedding Planner?

I have always been in love with great decors and details. I truly believe that every small occasion can be transformed into a great party! Since I was a little kid, I knew I was naturally in love with creating aesthetic looks for my family’s lunches and dinners, so based on my passion for design and events, I educated myself in the hospitality and event industry in 2009. Then I moved in London in 2015 and I've worked in this industry for the past 5 years, before becoming an entrepreneur and opening my business.

Are there any trends you'd really like to see more of in Weddings?

Eco-friendly weddings for sure! During the Covid 19 pandemic, the Planet Earth has shown us how much pollution we make and how quickly the environment recovers when human activities are reduced. So for sure eco-friendly weddings fit in the puzzle, as it is important that everyone play their role in saving the Planet.

Does any Wedding you've planned stand out for you?

Yeah for sure, Tariq and Shari's wedding was very special and was soo emotional I could cry! I've shared their wedding video with you for reference.  

Who are you in lockdown with and how are you staying sane/passing the time?

I am in lockdown with my partner and I have actually plenty to do during this time! In fact I decided to boost and work hard on my business, I work every day at least 10 hours a day and I am never bored!

In my spare time, I discovered I am a green lover and I am really passionate about taking care of my garden. Plus I've found time for cooking, taking singing lessons and mastering my yoga skills during the quarantine, so overall I am quite busy and I do not suffer boredom at all! Having a clear plan and a to-do list to follow may help to keep track of your activities.

With things the way they are at the moment, what's your postponement/cancellation policy?

I am lucky because as I am a newbie in the wedding industry, I did not have to personally face this problem. I do have a standard cancellation policy and I will be following that one in my future contracts, after the pandemic.

What are your 3 Desert Island Items?

Rainwater bucket, a knife and a rope.

What's your favourite Wedding Theme/Style and why?

Rustic wedding theme for sure! So romantic and whimsical it is hard enough not to be tempted to look into it :)

This Wedding Fayre is raising money for Mind, the Mental Health Charity - Why do you personally feel like this is a great cause?

Because mental health is affecting the whole of society in silence and without anybody noticing. A broken arm is easily seen, what about a broken mind?

Thank you Giada, for getting involved in this Event! xo

Giada also magicked a little something into the Virtual Wedding Fayre Goody Bag. If you didn't sign up, follow me on facebook or instagram, to find out when the next one will be!

I've included Enchanting Weddings' contact details and important links below, please take a look and get in touch - And don't forget to leave Giada some love on this post!

Take care and stay safe everyone 🤍

Lindsay xo

Contact Details:

Phone: 07481951512

Instagram: (@enchanting_weds)

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