This part is so exciting! If you're here, it's because you're a romantic like myself and you want to capture the moment that kicks off your exciting journey to becoming a married couple!

There are a few ways we can go about this, but the most important part is it remains a surprise for your partner. If you get in touch regarding a proposal, we'll only ever discuss proposal plans over the phone, everything I send you in writing will be disguised as typical Couples Portraiture Session information, just in case your other half sees any of it. I've even got you covered with a
separate website address for portraiture that you can send them to, with zero mentions of Weddings or Engagements, in case they ask questions and want to see my work!


I'd love to hear your plans and discuss the different ways we can capture this incredible moment for you, just get in touch via the button below and let me know times when it's safe to call, without your partner overhearing! If you're with your partner 24/7 through the lockdown and won't be able to have a private phone call, just let me know the safest way to get in touch about your plans!

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