Meet the Team

We're a small team here at Lindsay McConville Photography - just Lindsay and a few trusted friends.

If you'd like to get to know us a little before speaking with us, you can read more below! 


Owner & Photographer

Lindsay loves people and is very fortunate to have a very big, loving family - Although you may not know it from their photographs! She's always had a love for photography, so even at a young age was often absent from family event photographs, as she was always the one behind the camera! She now keeps her tripod in her boot, just in case - See the family portrait below! πŸ“Έ

When she's not glued to a camera viewfinder, she's cooking up a vegan storm with her wonderful (non-vegan) partner Tom, or singing her heart out and dancing to every kind of music. She's always been a bit of a tree-hugger, so is passionate about both seeing the world and trying her best to save it! She's always planning her next adventure abroad, whether it's a reunion with old friends and family everywhere from Thailand to Kiev, a romantic Road Trip through the Baltic Islands, or solo-backpacking around Europe - She loves to live life to the fullest, meet people from different walks of life and experience new things!

She also loves to raise money for charities close to her heart and has completed a few Colour Runs and Obstacle Courses, although she much prefers swimming and some relaxing yoga to running! Though she has many passions and knows how to stay professional, she doesn't take herself too seriously and is often the first to poke fun at herself! 🌿🌍 πŸ—Ί


Lindsay is a big believer that when you love what you do, you can work until you're absolutely exhausted and have numerous setbacks, but still enjoy it, so she turned her favourite hobby into a business in 2011 and hasn't looked back! She's since gained a wealth of professional experience in every genre of photography; from Product, Architectural and Commercial, to Portraiture, Event and Nightlife Photography. Whilst visiting her sister in Canada, she received a last-minute Wedding Enquiry, from someone whose photographer had unfortunately cancelled last-minute. Never wanting to let anyone down when they're in need, she built up the courage to accept the job and finally photograph her first Wedding, in early 2017. After putting her nerves to one side, she fell in love with it and has been photographing the happiest day of her clients' lives, ever since! πŸ₯°

Lindsay's love of Photography shows in her work - She's a perfectionist, her standards are high and the most important thing of all to her, is making sure our clients are as happy as can be. She will work her absolute hardest to ensure she provides each and every one of you with photographs you will undoubtedly treasure for a lifetime. 


Photographic Assistant & Photobooth Operator

Lucy is bubbly, enthusiastic and can chat to just about anyone. There's no chance to feel awkward in Lucy's photobooth, as she's great at encouraging others to relax, be themselves and have a blast!


Lucy has a passion for all things art and when she's not snapping portraits, she's painting them! She has a great eye for detail and loves to be creative and get stuck in. She loves to capture the world around her, preserving fleeting moments and memories, whether on canvas or in print. 🎨

Although art is her number one passion, she's also a major book nerd, with a major collection of over 300 books! She loves to walk a mile in people's shoes and experience their emotions through hearing their story; whether it's an old classic, or your own personal Love Story. This is also why she loves a good ballad and will memorize every word to sing unashamedly! πŸ“šπŸ“–

Lindsay met Lucy several years ago, when she was contracted to train her in Nightlife Photography. They met up again in 2016, when Lucy dabbled in selling her yummy homemade fudge and cakepops, so hired Lindsay to create mouth-watering photographs for her. Their mutual loves of all things creative and musical, as well as making people smile, have meant they've since built a close friendship and Lucy has become a much-loved part of the business.


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