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Little Steps Nanny and Events Agency

Do you have children attending your wedding? Are you unsure whether you would like little guests to attend? Do the little guests come as...

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I chose Little Steps to be included in this event, as I know a lot of couples worry a little about having children at their Wedding. It's lovely to have littler guests, but how do you keep them occupied and how can their parents fully relax, if they're on parenting duty?

Well this is where Little Steps come in - Their team of nannies can not only keep the kids occupied during the day, with all sorts of games and activities, but they can even tuck your little ones into bed and keep an eye on them, so if you're a parents, you still can relax and enjoy the celebrations, knowing your little one is being safely looked after.

The wonderful Charlotte, owner of Little Steps, has written the following piece, showing you just why you should choose them to keep your smaller guests having just as much fun as the adults - Thank you Charlotte! xo

If you'd like to talk to Charlotte, I've included her contact details at the end of this post, or you can leave a comment at the bottom of this page and I'll pass her your email address! 🤍

Little Steps Nanny and Events Agency

Do you have children attending your wedding?

Are you unsure whether you would like little guests to attend?

Do the little guests come as a package with your adult guests? Maybe your adult guests have recently had a baby and don’t have a regular babysitter? If you have answered ‘YES’ to any of the above questions, keep on reading. We have a solution for you - Little Steps Wedding Nannies & Creche, with evening babysitting if required!

I hear you asking,

"What is a Little Steps Wedding Nanny?"

Little Steps Nanny and Events Agency offers a bespoke childcare service for all occasions, including your big day! An experienced, professional, fun and responsible team of Wedding Nannies who collectively hold over 100 years of childcare experience! Wedding Nannies provide childcare for children aged from newborn to 12 years old and provide a creche facility. The toys and resources are all provided by Little Steps Agency and are catered to the ages of the children attending and their interests; unicorns to dinosaurs, dollies to trains, gluesticks to crayons, paper to dress-up crowns, educational games to giant lawn games, teepees and cushions to bean bags and stories. We have it all! Little Steps Agency covers Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and London areas, although we can travel around the UK. We are listed suppliers of many 4* & 5* Hotels and Venues including: 5* Pennyhill Park, Bagshot Royal Berkshire, Ascot Four Seasons Hampshire, Dogmersfield Millbridge Court, Farnham DeVere Wokefield Estate, Reading Warbrook House, Eversley Tithe Barn, Petersfield

"What about your evening babysitting service?"

Our Wedding Nannies also double up as evening babysitters, if you have accommodation on site. This service is available to put your little ones to sleep and supervise their sleep times, so you can enjoy the rest of the night. I’m afraid this service does not include the creche and is only to supervise your little ones' bedtime routine and sleeping time.

"How long are Wedding Nannies and the Creche available for?"

Little Steps Wedding Nannies are available for childcare and supervision for the duration of the day or for part of the day. There is a minimum booking of 4 hours, which includes 30 minutes set up time and 30 minutes pack down time.

"How many children can you look after at one time?"

We have no minimum number and likewise, no maximum number either. Although, OFSTED ratios are used to decide how many Wedding Nannies are required for your booking period.

"Do we need to provide anything on the day?"

We would ask you to provide a separate room, the children’s meals and drinks and any nappies or bottles required.

"Are the Wedding Nannies first aid trained?"

At least one of the Wedding Nannies within your booking will be paediatric first aid trained. The Wedding Nanny team each hold childcare qualifications and have passed thorough checks including DBS checks, reference and employment checks and a face to face interview, with in depth childcare related questions.

"Why should I think about Wedding Nannies?"

Do you have someone to look after your little ones on your big day if they are not feeling well? Do you want a little one crying during the speeches or running around? Do you want to hear ‘I’m tired’ at 7pm, as it’s been a long day for your little ones? Do you want your guests to leave early or stay up in their rooms to supervise their little ones? If the answer is ‘No’ to any of these, then it’s a small price to pay for a lot less stress on the day and to have Wedding Nannies available to take over and provide them with a space to dip in and out of all day, with an adults permission or an evening babysitting service.

"Who will I communicate with at Little Steps Agency?"

Charlotte is the owner of Little Steps Nanny and Events Agency. I hold an extensive array of childcare experience from my employment as a full time nanny, temporary nanny, proxy parenting nanny, event nanny and a day care nursery manager.

I hold a Level 5 qualification in Early Years and a number of additional, recognised childcare qualifications. Throughout my career, I have recruited and vetted a number of childcare professionals and hold a strong nanny and Early Years network, with excellent knowledge of Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and also London.

"How much are these services?"

Evening Babysitting Service Booking Fee – Starting Price £15.00 Wedding Nannies & Creche Booking Fee – Starting Price £350.00 Wedding Nannies and Evening Babysitters are an additional £12 each per hour, payable direct to the Wedding Nannies/Babysitters on the day.

Q & A

What areas do you cover/how far can you travel? And can you do destination/international weddings?

Little Steps Wedding Nannies and Creche usually travels around Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and London. Although we do and we can travel, whether that is around the UK with our creche ,or our Wedding Nannies travelling abroad to help you on your big day!

What is your favourite part of what you do?

Setting up the wedding creche on the day and seeing the children’s faces. I also love buying new toys and resources – it’s taken over my shoe obsession.

How do you keep children occupied and how long can you do this for?

We have a team of professional, qualified, and fun Wedding Nannies with lots of toys and games! We can keep children occupied for hours on end, whether it’s for the entire day or a partial part of the day, we are here to keep the little one’s busy! We do have a minimum booking of 4 hours, which includes 30 minutes set up time and a 30 minute pack down time.

We bring all of the toys and equipment with us on the day, everything from a tepee, cushions, blankets, bean bags, giant games, board games, puzzles, a toddler and baby ball pit, sensory bottles, sensory scarves, arts and craft table, threading and bracelet making, dinosaurs, fairies, dollies and more!

What makes Little Steps different?

The Wedding Nanny Team currently holds over 100 years of childcare experience! We are an independent Nanny and Events Agency and all of our Wedding Nannies are qualified, fun, knowledgeable and professional. Each Wedding Nanny wears a uniform, which is discreet and attempts to blend in with other staffing on your day. We don’t wear a bright polo shirt, we wear a black t-shirt and black trousers/jeans, with a black body warmer and lanyard. This is so you understand who we are but it’s not too obvious in your photos. We also offer an on-site evening babysitting service. Little Steps Agency is also run by a childcare professional, with years of experience from a Day Nursery Manager to Nannying to proxy parenting and subsequently, holds a great amount of recruitment experience too.

Do you create a space for the children and bring activities with you, or do we need to provide any of this?

If you book our Wedding Creche and Nanny service, we bring everything with us on the day! You don’t have to provide anything, other than a spare room, the children’s meals and nappies/bottles (if required).

Why did you decide to become a Wedding Nanny?

Have you been to a wedding yourself with little ones? It can be hard work… Keeping an eye on where they are all the time, wondering whether they will need to go to the toilet half way through the ceremony, wondering whether they’ll last till the evening or will they be tired and grumpy…

So, wouldn’t it be ideal if there was a wedding nanny on site with a creche, who could keep the little ones occupied and provide some fun and games, but also a chill out area.

Does any Wedding you've worked at stand out for you? It’s more the clients who stand out for me; from their initial point of contact with Little Steps Agency and seeing what it is that the couple require on their big day, to actually seeing them on their big day.

Who are you in lockdown with and how are you staying sane/passing the time?

I am in lockdown with my family. I am taking the opportunity to enjoy the sunny weather by sitting in the garden and going on a daily walk in the woods close to us. I am also talking to friends a lot more via social media and Zoom; we now have a weekly pub quiz Wednesday night, which is a lot of fun!

With things the way they are at the moment, what's your postponement/cancellation policy?

We are currently taking Wedding Nanny and Creche bookings for Autumn/Winter 2020 only and are still taking bookings for 2021 & 2022. Our booking system is always the booking fee upfront and then the Wedding Nannies to be paid on the day of the booking.

What are your 3 Desert Island Items? - i.e. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have 3 items, what would they be?

Ooo this is a tough one! 1. Sun cream 2. A pillow 3. A Mobile Phone (charged) to rescue me when I’ve had enough.

What is the most important tip you have, to make sure my Wedding runs smoothly and I have a great time?

Keep calm and most importantly, enjoy yourself! It’s your big day, just remember this. No one is going to notice if you didn’t buy certain items or if something doesn’t look particularly how you wanted it to, only you will. Just keep calm and enjoy every moment of your big day.

This Wedding Fayre is raising money for Mind, the Mental Health Charity - Why do you personally feel like this is a great cause?

This is a great charity and mental health is becoming an increasing subject in our everyday lives and is slowly becoming recognised. No one should ever have to suffer in silence.

Thank you to Charlotte and the team at Little Steps Nanny & Event Agency, for getting involved in this Event and including a special offer in the Virtual Goody Bag! xo

I've included Little Steps' contact details and important links below, please take a look and get in touch! Don't forget to leave Charlotte some love, whilst you're here!

Take care and stay safe everyone 🤍

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 07920779652

Email Address:



Instagram: (@littlestepsagency)

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