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Dan Knight - Acoustic Musician

Updated: May 5, 2020

I chose Dan Knight to be included in this event, as I've worked with him and seen how much everyone at the Wedding (myself included!) absolutely loved listening to him. He's passionate about what he does and has shared a stage with some well-known artists - I've even seen a video of him singing with James Arthur over FaceTime!

Dan has a mixture of romantic covers and original songs for you to choose from, to keep you and your guests entertained! He performs some of these below, in his performance for the Virtual Wedding Fayre.

The wonderful Dan has also written the following piece, seen below the video, showing you just why you should choose him to entertain you and your guests on your special day - Thank you Dan! xo

If you'd like to talk to Dan, his contact details are at the bottom of this post, or you can leave a comment underneath this post and I'll pass him your email address! 🤍

Dan Knight - Experienced Acoustic Musician

I'm a 25-year-old Acoustic Guitarist and Singer, with 7 years of experience and a catalogue of all-time favourite songs, including modern chart tunes, with a mixture of classics for the party sets. I’ve also had great success sharing the stage with Alexandra Burke, Pixie Lott and Sam Smith, at some big events. I specialise in Weddings and have loads of experience in singing the Bride down the aisle, but I'm also versatile enough to play later on in the day, with more of a party vibe. I also write and perform my own music outside of performing covers, with one of my songs charting in the Top 50 of the iTunes Chart. One of my own songs, First Dance, gets requested a lot for either the First Dance, or the Bride walking down the aisle. Don’t worry though, I won’t play my original material unless you specifically ask for it! What I always offer is professional vocals and guitar playing, a set that everyone will know and love and an emotional delivery, to make the big moments of the day as special as they can be. I really try to give couples the best quality, but I also like to do that at a fair price. I’m a strong believer in not putting my prices up just because it’s a wedding, as I think everyone should have the music they want for their big day.

1. What is your favourite Wedding Song to sing?

Probably 'A Thousand Years' by Christina Perri. There are so many I love, but if I had to pick, it would be this one!

2. Can you play when I walk down the aisle, or are you solely an evening entertainer?

I can and have played at any part of the day - The Ceremony, Wedding Reception, Wedding Breakfast, First Dance and the Evening. I can perform up to 3 sets of 45 minutes, during the whole day.

3. Do you have any funny Wedding Stories?

This one hasn’t happened yet, but I was asked a few days ago to perform at nudist wedding, fully nude myself - I couldn’t believe it!

4. If we have a song in mind for our Big Day, will you learn it?

Yes of course, I do this all year round for people, if they want a special song for their big day. I have to learn them on a weekly basis though, so I just ask that you remind me a few weeks before the Wedding, so I can prepare the song and learn it fully for your big day.

5. If my Ceremony is at 2pm and my First Dance is at 8pm, can you sing for both?

Yes this isn’t a problem at all, I’ve done it many times before.

6. What do you love most about what you do?

I love the way music can really add something special to someone’s big day. I’ve had Brides tell me as soon as they heard me start singing it made them cry, as they were walking down the aisle. Seeing the couple so happy on their big day really makes it special for me too, it really inspired me to write a song called First Dance, which you can see below.

7. Does any Couple you've worked with or Wedding you've played at stand out for you?

They're all really special for me, but I performed at a same-sex marriage last year and was asked to perform their ceremony song from a balcony. I was sat on a platform that extended out to just behind where they got married. I was above everyone and could see everything, it really felt special. There were decorations all around, it was beautiful and they are now big fans of mine and follow everything I do!

8. How long can you play for at once?

The longest period I will sing for is 3 and a half hours, due to performing almost every night, to give me the best voice for everyone.

9. I've heard you've played with famous artists before - Is this true?

I haven’t played with them, however I performed as a support act for Alexandra Burke at the end of last year. I've also performed alongside Sam Smith and Pixie Lott, for a Children in Need event in 2016.

10. How far can you travel & can you play at International Weddings?

The furthest I’ve travelled is 3 hours by car and yes I’ve played many times abroad, including Weddings in Spain, Croatia, Poland and Hungary. I use the latest Fishman Amps catering for up to 200 people indoors or outdoors, so I can really can play anywhere at all.

11. Who are you in lockdown with and how are you staying sane/passing the time?

I’m in lockdown with my family - it’s really nice to spend a lot more time with them all, especially as I have a 2-year-old and an 8-month-old. In the last month I’ve been able to have so much more time with them than I normally would have. And for passing my time, I’m still working on projects from my home studio with producers from all over the world, as well as recording some more original material and acoustic solo songs.

12. With things the way they are at the moment, what's your postponement/cancellation policy?

At the moment I’ve managed to keep everyone on a postponement barring tour/events, so weddings, etc., are being postponed for now until we have a new date. If, however, 2 people need the same date, I’m having to make it a first come, first served basis on the date and issue a refund of the deposit to the other couple, due to no longer being available. However that hasn’t happened yet, as the one couple that had the same date as someone else actually moved their second date again for next year, just to have me there!

13. What are your 3 Desert Island Items? - i.e. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have 3 items, what would they be?

If I couldn’t bring my family, then a phone to video call them with. My guitar would right behind that as my second choice 😁 And I would need a little gym set up to keep me healthy.

14. This Wedding Fayre is raising money for Mind, the Mental Health Charity - Why do you personally feel like this is a great cause?

I’ve seen first hand the devastation mental health can cause and how it can affect that person and also everyone else around them. I really do believe there should be greater awareness and more help for people who are suffering and Mind do a great job of stepping up to the task.

Thank you to Dan, for getting involved in this Event! xo

I've included Dan Knight's contact details and important links below, please take a look and get in touch - And don't forget to leave him some love on this post!

Take care and stay safe everyone 🤍

Lindsay xo

Contact Details:

Phone: 07434751202 Email:

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