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Bonita Bakes

Updated: May 5, 2020

I chose Bonita Bakes to be included in this event, as she's an extremely talented Baker and Cake Artist. Her business is fairly new, so I wanted to showcase her here, as although she's new to the Wedding Business game, she has extensive experience in baking Cakes and has already won an Award for it!

Your Wedding Cake isn't only a yummy dessert, it's a standout piece of decor, so you want it to fit your wedding theme, whilst also showing your personality and style. Bonita will work with you to create something amazing, that will wow everyone.

Bonita's cakes speak for themselves, but she's also written the following piece, showing you just why you should choose her to create a Cake you and your guests will absolutely love - Thank you Bonita! xo

If you'd like to talk to Bonita, I've included her contact details at the end of this piece, or you can leave a comment at the bottom of this page and I'll pass her your email address! 🤍

Bonita Bakes - Beautiful Award-Winning Cakes

Hi, my name is Bonita and I live on the beautiful south coast of Bournemouth, Dorset.

I am a mum to 3 now grown up children ...2 over 6ft teenage boys and a Textile daughter leaving Bournemouth Uni this year, sadly sooner than planned due to these unprecedented times.

My hubby and I are celebrating our 25 year 'lockdown style' wedding anniversary next week, so hoping sun shines like it did on our day.

I've always been an arty creative type and I studied fashion design at Bournemouth university, then 12 years later made my own wedding dress.

Anything creative for me involving drawing (cakes), painting, (on cakes), baking (cake) and my hobby sewing (not cake though) that's generally me, also I have a very hearty (loudish) laugh, as I love a good sense of humour.

Most people love cake and it usually involves a lovely happy occasion around it.

After baking my children's birthday cakes for the past 22 years and for family and friends, then working professionally in a cake design shop, I decided it would be fantastic to start my own cake business specialising in creative wedding cakes.


Why did you decide to become a Baker/Cake Artist?

My passion for baking is my kind of meditation along with my arty background compliments my designs for wedding cakes perfectly.

What's your favourite Cake Flavour?

I always love a good lemon drizzle cake and it compliments many other flavours like raspberry, pistachio, elderflower and coconut. My homemade lemon curd with vanilla Italian buttercream is so tasty, I could easily spread it on my toast too.

What areas do you cover/how far can you deliver?

Dorset and Hampshire have amazing and varied landscapes and many beautiful venues in a large area too. I try to keep my deliveries within an hour journey so that minimum time is spent travelling and maximum time for cake display/setting up at each venue.

What's your favourite part of what you do?

The favourite or 'icing on the cake' part of what I do is meeting my wedding couples during their cake tasting session, finding out a little about them and designing their special unique cake.

Do you have any funny Wedding Stories?

It was the hottest day in July a few years ago and my hubby was helping me deliver a 3 tiered Geode wedding cake, that was to travel across the Sandbanks ferry, to Studland in Poole.

Of course this was the day everyone thought to travel too and we spent over an hour just waiting in the queue to just get onto the ferry. Meanwhile, the now hot temperature in the van was beginning to melt the cake so that a leaning tower of Pisa effect began to happen!

I was literally (gently) trying to support the melty creation, panic laughing whilst my stressed out hubby drove like a slow learner driver when we finally boarded the ferry!

Fortunately the cake survived and the venue had a beautiful wall behind the table if the cake tiers did collapse. The couple were delighted and never knew the dilemma we had faced for such a short journey.

What makes Bonita Bakes different to other Cake Companies?

Because I love arty designs, I'm often inspired by what I see around me in nature, or out shopping (when we can freely again). Wedding dress fashions constantly change to reflect current trends and it's lovely to incorporate these details & elements in my designs. My business is home based so I can manage my time around my family too.

Does any wedding cake you've made stand out for you?

I decided to experiment using rice paper to create a sea theme wedding cake and at first I wasn't really happy with it. I think it's important though to be determined and follow our passions and ideas ....little did I even think my sea theme design would be so well liked that it would win a National Award.

Who are you in lockdown with and how are you passing the time?

Having my family in one place at home is lovely and techy useful too and now being a mature parent we're included in our children's young lives again. We also have a cute and mad fluffy westie called Ella who is a bit of a walkies beach babe.

With things the way they are at the moment, what is your Cancellation/Postponement Policy?

My new 8 month old wedding cake business was recently awarded Regional South West and National Title at The Cake Professionals event. I'm hoping this gives couples new or postponed dates the confidence I can help with their plans and secure with a small reservation fee.

Do you have any advice for couples on how to choose a cake most of their guests will like? Or should they just choose their favourite & hope everyone loves it as much as they do?

Most wedding cakes have 3 tiers, which fortunately gives couples an option to choose their own favourite flavours and any they think their families may like too. Ultimately though, it is a couple's special day, so their choice takes priority really and happily it usually does.

What are your 3 Desert Island Items?

1. Plenty of any ready baked cake. 2. My favourite music playlists 3. VERY LARGE bottle of GIN

I love your Sea/Coastal Theme Cake - What's next?

I'm currently, in lockdown, engaging my arty mind for some more rice paper, sugar flower and edible flower woodland design ideas. Watch this space.

Do you cater to people with dietary requirements, like nut allergies, gluten and dairy intolerance, and/or vegans, for example?

It's important to me to include any dietary requirements or requests and I'm happy to offer my help. There are a lot of guests at a reception and I feel it's vital everyone should be able to enjoy lovely cake.

This Wedding Fayre is raising money for Mind, the Mental Health Charity - Why do you personally feel like this is a great cause?

It's fantastic that, finally, our mental health and well being is now recognised as so important for everyone. Mind is such an invaluable charity nationally and the amazing support it gives locally too. No one is immune to mental health issues so without Mind we would be on our own, totally.

Thank you Bonita, for getting involved in this Event and for including an offer in the Virtual Goody Bag! xo

I've included Bonita Bakes' contact details and important links below. Please take a look and get in touch - And don't forget to leave Bonita some love on this post!

Take care and stay safe everyone 🤍

Lindsay xo

Contact Details: Phone: 07745 021388 Email Address:

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