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Alan Granville - Wedding DJ

Updated: May 5, 2020

I chose Alan Granville to be included in this event, as he has won multiple Awards for his work in Weddings, plus I've been greatly entertained when working with him in the past!

You'll be able to tailor your Reception Playlist to perfectly suit you, and Alan will make sure you and your guests are entertained, from the minute he arrives! You can see a video of this below, from the Virtual Wedding Fayre.

Alan has also written the following piece, showing you just why you should choose him to entertain you on your special day - Thank you Alan! xo

If you'd like to talk to Alan, I've included his contact details at the end of this piece, or you can leave a comment beneath this piece and I'll pass him your email address! 🤍

Wedding DJ Alan Granville - More Than Music

Hi, I'm Alan Granville and I love weddings. As a Wedding DJ, I strongly believe having the right entertainment for your day is very important, and getting it wrong will end up making it a night to remember, for the wrong reasons.

So what do I do? Well, I offer a very different style of entertainment for your Wedding Day, whilst still following the traditions that have been done for years. I add interactional wedding games and fun for all the wedding guests, allowing everyone to enjoy the day, including you and your new Mr or Mrs. From the moment you enter the Wedding Breakfast, with an upbeat song to get all your guests up and waving their napkins, cheering and welcoming you into the room as the new Mr and Mrs, the fun is only just getting started.

With many fun moments during the day, your guests won't be bored and will be left feeling like they really took part in your day, as more than just a guest.

Now, with every Wedding, there is dancing. We all have our favourite tracks we love to dance to, but not everyone might like these songs (shock, horror!). Don't worry, if there are songs you want, but know people are not going to get up or dance to, that's fine, I can play these at other points during the day - Maybe during the drinks reception, or wedding breakfast? Your reception should be relaxed and fun, after all you have just got married and it's a celebration of your marriage and love for each other. Adding a few fun activities for your guests again will add that WOW factor to your day and leave them saying they have never done anything like that before at a wedding.

The music is very important and getting this right is one of the biggest parts of my job for you. I will work closely with you both to find the songs that connect you and your guests together - the songs you heard when on holidays or when you were at uni, building a picture for your evening and making it one you will never forget.

Thank you Alan, for getting involved in this Event! xo

I've included Alan's contact details and important links below - Please take a look, get in touch and don't forget to leave him some love on this post!

Take care and stay safe everyone 🤍

Lindsay xo

Phone: 01489 690 311 / 07867 430535

Email Address: Website: Facebook: Instagram: (

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