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Natural, Honest Photographs of Your Most Precious Moments

You're Engaged... Congratulations!

You must be over-the-moon and excited to plan everything; I'm so excited for you! I hope you're only feeling positive and having great experiences in planning your day, but if all the research has left you feeling a little overwhelmed, you're not alone and that's why I'm here! I know that planning your wedding can feel like a Herculean task - it's more than scrolling through Instagram, saving Pinterest boards and making phone calls; it's finding vendors who understand your dreams and vision, then trusting them to make them come true.


 I will never underestimate how important this is to you and the anxiety it can cause when someone doesn't listen to your needs, so you can never ask me too many questions. Your photography is something I want you to feel completely happy, confident and excited about. I'm here to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for you, so you can put your feet up, relax and look forward to all of your beautiful photographs. 

When you're ready, simply click Get In Touch and let's talk about you and what your wedding means to you! If you're not quite sure what you need or want from your photography, that's ok, I can guide you through and offer advice tailored to you, your vision and your plans.

I can't wait to hear all about you and your day!


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Your Wedding

Your Wedding

Your wedding is more than a day;

It's months, maybe even years of sleepless nights spent searching for the perfect venue, flowers and a beautician who understands your skin.

It's countless visits to bridal boutiques, hair stylists and caterers.

It's trawling Pinterest for inspiration, saving numerous instagram posts and watching YouTube tutorials to learn how to create wonderfully personal favours for your Wedding Party. Then, sitting for hours lovingly putting them together, excited to share them with your loved ones.

It's trying to do all of this virtually, during a pandemic.

You pour your heart and soul into planning the perfect celebration of your relationship and as your photographer, I understand this.

After all of your planning, the day finally arrives and you're surrounded by love, laughter and all of the people who care about you the most. Your photographer will not only be the person you trust to capture it all, but they will spend a lot of time by your side and around all of your loved ones on your day, so it's important to hire someone you feel you will get along with and feel comfortable around. Feeling confident in your choice of photographer is really important to your enjoyment of the day, as it helps you to relax and just enjoy every moment.  

When the day is done, your photographs will outlast all of those little details and love-filled moments and preserve them forever, so I make sure to pay them the attention they deserve. You've put too many hours and too much heart into planning it all, not to have gorgeous photographs taken by someone who appreciates all of your effort and notices both the details and the important moments.

I specialise in disappearing into the background and capturing honest, authentic moments, but I'd also love to capture some gorgeous portraits of you looking amazing, that I know will make you feel beautiful!

Whether you're in love with all things traditional, elegant and classic, or a boho-inspired festival wedding is more your vibe, I'm here to capture the true spirit of your day. Whatever your personal style, all of the big and small details you've carefully planned add up to a day that tells the unique and beautiful story of your relationship - a story I can't wait to hear.


Your Destination Wedding

If you're a fellow explorer and lover of doing things differently, you may be considering a Destination Wedding or Elopement. From French Chateaus and Italian Villas, to Caribbean Beaches and Colorado Mountain views, there's a whole world of possibilities outside of the UK.

I would love to hear all about the exciting and romantic locations you've chosen, or are considering for your day. Get in touch now via the button below to discuss your Destination Wedding, or scroll down to read more about Micro-Weddings and more intimate Elopements.

Your Elopement

Uniquely 'You'

For me, every wedding is special. Whether you'll be celebrating for 2 hours alone on a mountain, or 14 hours in an Italian villa with 200 guests, your day is important and you should always feel that.

For UK Weddings and Elopements, you can find my package prices here. For International Elopements, get in touch with details of your special day and I'll be happy to provide you with a bespoke quote.

or Micro-Wedding

Are you planning a more intimate celebration, with only a few of your closest friends and family members? Or maybe you're planning the most romantic of marriages - an elopement just the two of you. 

Beautifully Intimate

Intimate Weddings are all about you as a couple and your love for each other. With fewer distractions and a more relaxed timetable than a traditional wedding, the day can be fully, completely and unapologetically 'you' - just the way it should be. That's why Intimate Weddings are my absolute favourite and I'd love to be there for you. 

Despite Intimate Weddings and Elopements being an absolutely gorgeous celebration of love, couples often come to me feeling as though their wedding hasn't been taken as seriously as larger, or more local celebrations. Some are even so deflated, they've started to believe this themselves. 

Your Elopement

Your Engagement

Your Engagement


Your Wedding Photographs will take pride of place on your wall or above your fireplace for years to come and will even be passed down through generations, so your photographer should be someone who understands what's important to you and really cares about you and your Wedding. When you book me for your wedding, my hope is that we will get to know each other and become friends, so you feel totally comfortable and confident that you're getting the best, from someone who is really invested in you and your big day. An Engagement Session is a great way for us to get to know each other and for you to feel comfortable with me and in front of my camera before your Big Day.

If you're not yet engaged, but you've thought about your future and are ready to get down on one knee because your partner makes you so happy, you can't picture your life without them, let's plan a photoshoot and surprise them with your proposal. Your relationship is a journey, you deserve beautiful photographs of it all and they'll be so happy to have gorgeous photographs of the moment you change their life forever. Proposal sessions can be quick, with just the moment captured (don't worry, it will still be a surprise for your partner!), or you can choose to have some beautiful portraits of the two of you afterwards.

If anything rivals the incredible feeling of saying 'I Do', it's saying 'Yes'. I love capturing that moment for my couples - the look on their face when they're asked that life-changing question and the look on your face when you hear that 'Yes'!

If you've already had that heart-warming moment of deciding to spend the rest of your life with the person you love and it's made you the happiest person in the world, that too should be celebrated! An Engagement Session somewhere meaningful is the perfect way to do so, whilst also getting great photographs for your Save the Dates and wedding website!

Your Hen Celebration

Your Hen Celebration

Your wedding will of course be an amazing day, but the time with your girls will be spent amongst wedding professionals, excitedly and nervously getting ready for your big moment. So although your girls, myself and your other wedding professionals will be there to support you and help you relax, your focus will be on walking down the aisle and exchanging those vows.

Whether you're planning your own celebration, or are planning for a friend, you've undoubtedly put the same love and care into planning a wonderful night or weekend of pampering, games, drinks - whatever you know will make your girls happiest or make the bride-to-be feel amazing. 

These are the moments that mean the most to us, the women we love to have photographs with, but we don't always think about hiring a professional photographer. You and the women in your life deserve photographs that make you all feel beautiful and that's what I love to give to you!

After a year of cancelled plans, group chats instead of girls' nights in and zoom calls replacing nights out, reuniting with our girls is going to be better than ever - I honestly can't wait!

I've no doubt in my mind Hen Celebrations will be bigger and better than ever before, after postponements and being apart have reminded us all just how important the women in our life are to us. I love to see you celebrating the women in your lives and after such a tough year, we all deserve to be celebrated even more than ever!

Hen Celebrations are important, they're a separate celebration to our wedding, all about us as women and our time with our girls. You won't be on a timeline, or nervous about remembering a particular way to walk or your vows. You'll feel more relaxed and have more time to catch up with all of your favourite ladies, without any worries.

Get In Touch

Get In Touch

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If you've made it here, you've hopefully read a little about me and what I do and I'm so glad you want to know more! I'm excited for you to start this journey with me and I can't wait to get to know all about you and your plans for your big day.

To get started, simply fill in the below form and I'll be in touch with more information and a copy of my Enquiry Guide, so you can see what I have to offer in more detail, including my packages and pricing. Soon you'll be booked in for some gorgeous photographs of your very own!

Please keep an eye on your emails and if you don't have anything from me within the next 48 working hours, check any Junk or Spam Folders. If you still can't find an email from me, or want to get hold of me sooner, you can reach me within my usual business hours via call, text or message through one of my social media platforms.

I can't wait to chat with you!
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