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Personal Brand Photography is for those of you who are your own brand.

You might be like me, providing a service and looking for photographs to show your potential clients who you are and what you're all about - or maybe you're an Influencer or model and photographs are integral to your business. Maybe you're a Micro-Influencer like Hannah below, looking to gain more influence. Whatever your goals, consistent, high-quality photographs will help to attract Followers and Brand Endorsements.


As you know, your Branding is what tells your customers who you are. The colours you use, the voice you communicate with and the photographs you choose will tell your potential customers whether they want to invest their time or money in you, before they've even seen your product or know what you're selling. The old adage that a picture tells a thousand words exists for a reason and often a message can get lost in those 1000 words, so I'll work with you to ensure your customers get the exact message you want to give them.

If you're an exciting company who cares about your employees, this will also be perfect for you - Your customers will love seeing your employees' personalities in their headshots and your employees will enjoy having photographs they want to share! 


If this is what you're looking for, you're in the right place, because I offer something completely unique. I don't only take and edit photographs for you, I offer logo design, classes and presets to help to improve your brand and your own photographs and work with you to create an Instagram feed that would make anyone fall in love! I even offer a Subscription Editing Service, so you have beautifully edited photographs to post every day of the year! 🤍

Below you can see some photographs from a recent Personal Brand Photoshoot with the lovely Hannah (@home_at_honeysuckle_close), who booked my Ultimate Influencer Package. We worked together to create photographs for a 'Face Behind the Account' feature, to give her audience a glimpse into her life, who she is and what she loves to do. 

For those of you sharing photographs on Social Media every day, I also offer ongoing support, through my Subscription Services.

I offer a Subscription Photography Service, which provides you with regular photoshoots and savings on booking individual photoshoots, as well as spreading the cost.


In addition to this, I offer a Subscription Editing Service. As part of this service, we'll work together to create a photographic style that best showcases your brand. Once we've created your personalised editing style, you can send through your own photographs, which I'll edit and return to you. This can be great for creating attractive social media pages that encourage engagement.

During our shoot, I'll also offer recommendations on lighting and colour, so you can capture photographs that will best fit with your chosen aesthetic. Here you can see a selection of Hannah's own photographs taken on her phone, before and after editing them to her brand's chosen aesthetic. You can see more examples of these by visiting her Instagram page

You can subscribe to my Subscription Editing Service at any time, but when you book certain packages you'll receive one month* of this for free. Whilst you're subscribed to this service, you'll always have great daily photographs to post.

To get started on your Brand Improvement now, get in touch via the button below. I can't wait to work with you!

*Each month that you are subscribed, I will edit up to 31 of your own photographs, so you have one photograph you can share each day on social media. 

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